Watlingtons of West Tennessee

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This is a repository of information on the genealogy of the Watlington family of West Tennesse. These are the ancestors and descendants of Ulrich Armstrong Watlington (1885-1981) and Jennie Sophronia Hammond (1887-1941). Two books are currently available: Watlingtons of West Tennessee, 1830-1997, and Our Hammond and Hale Ancestors.

Detailed genealogical information on these ancestors is available in GED format. Contact the author for more details.

Watlingtons of West Tennessee, 1830-1997

The online version of this book is intended for browsing/reading using an HTML browser. It allows quick online access to a single section as well as supporting Large Print versions (simply choose a larger font in your browser.) The illustrations are available separately.

The print version of this book is in PDF format (readable with Adobe Acrobat), and intended for electronic storage, distribution, and printing (doublesided). It is identical to the bound and printed First Edition, with the exception of the illustrations. Bound copies of the First Edition are still available. Save the wear and tear on your printer!

Our Hammond and Hale Ancestors

We recently finished the first edition of a book on the ancestors of Jennie Sophronia Hammond, Our Hammond and Hale Ancestors. The online version is intended for browsing/reading with an HTML browser. A print version is available in PDF format intended for printing or offline browsing.

This book contains a number of photos of our Hammond ancestors, mostly from a book kept by Emma Mai Hammond.

New editions of these books, both correcting errors in existing material and incorporating new knowledge of our roots and information about our descendants, are in progress. Please feel free to send corrections and comments to the authors.

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